Branded Bamboo USB Stick and Cases

Branded, laser engraved USB sticks and cases for a local photography business.

Its always nice to help support another local business. Recently founded, Simon Sims Photography was looking to create a premium quality branded USB stick and case to offer as a part of his photography packages. Each USB stick will be personalised for the end client’s photo shoot and bears his website URL on the reverse side.

After subtly modifying Simon’s logo to make it more suitable for laser engraving, 1810 were able to turn an already very well made bamboo USB stick and case into a really high quality souvenir product to compliment the attention to detail that Simon offers in his work. We’re really pleased with how this has turned out and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

More information about Simon Sims Photography can be found here:

Images Courtesy Simon Sims Photography